PostgreSQL Maximum precision and Data Types

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I am continuing my research on PostgreSQL. Last two days I was working on the data maximum precision and all data types offered in PostgreSQL. The main issue is to group all these data types into standard Java (JDBC) data types. However, psql contains some neat data types (e.g. tsquery, tsvector, inet and etc) that do not fit into the standards, but the whole point of creating the new adapter is to be able to use all the features of psql. There should be a way to distinguish the mentioned data types and put them into CREATE statement.


PostgreSQL Adapter

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I am continuing to work on the PostgreSQL Adapter project. Our team has a goal to finish it in 4 months (Jan – May, 2011). This is the second week and I am still trying to figure out what exactly needs to be done. The concept of the adapter seems pretty clear, but when it comes to actual coding I am not quite sure where to start… Need to do more reading on PostgreSQL…

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